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Life's a journey - let wherever you are right now be the destination - Debi Feinman

Debi is an artist, entrepreneur, innovator and life teacher.  But the title that brings her the greatest joy is being the mother of two incredible young men.   


Debi’s curiosity for photography began when she was a teenager, at a time when pictures were still captured on film. With the transition to digital cameras she became unleashed, taking a myriad of photos over the years.  This allowed her to experiment and develop her creative expression, refine her ability to view the world from a unique perspective and discover how to create a photograph that evokes emotion.


Debi is self taught and photographs from her soul.  Her juxtaposition of shape, form, hue and tonality creates a composition that stimulates both the viewer’s mind and heart.  She photographs the ordinary in a way that makes it look and feel extraordinary.  She is inspired by the prospect of capturing a moment that might otherwise go missed by the world.  A moment that tells a story, elicits a feeling and makes you wonder….

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